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Aussie Wide Open - Expressions From Wade Aunger / Every Time (Bryan Clauson)


Every time someone climbed in.

Strapped in.

Fired a motor.

Lined up in a heat.

Pulled a slider or made the bottom work.

Every time a little kid looked over at Ryan Newman or Chase Briscoe or JJ Yeley or...

Every time fans of all ages cheered when Jeff Gordon's name was mentioned.

Every time someone grooved a tire.

Walked past in a race shirt.

Every time I looked outside the dirt track and remembered that I was standing inside THE RACING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

Every time I noticed that people came from Australia, or NZ or a far away part of the USA to stand there.

Every time I remembered his impact in those three nations.

Laughed out loud in the pits.

Opened a cold beer.

Every time that rocking group of Clauson / Marshall family and friends lit up when one of their drivers wheeled to the front.

Every time someone stepped up.

Signed up to Driven2SaveLives to help save a life.

I thought of Bryan Clauson's smile.

Every time.

I know he'd be proud of what this race has become in such a short time.

Every time I saw Brady Bacon line up.

Every time I thought of the Clauson family.

Every time I thought of Lauren.

Every time.

I thought of that cheeky grin and that unquenchable thirst to slam the right pedal and do something freakish in a race-car.

Every time.

I thought of the times I'd briefly hung out with him, tossed a football, chatted off the mike or on...and at the time not cherished it enough.

Not truly realised at the time the effect he would later have on people's lives.

Not fully understanding the imaginations he'd captured by attempting that insanely yet somehow fantastical 200 races attempt.

I thought of his buddies - and there were and are still plenty.

I thought of a truly bada55 wheel-man who loved to wick it up, ham it up and lift it up.

I thought of you BC.

Every time...

Wade Aunger is a longtime Australian racing announcer who you may be familiar with as a voice for the Knoxville Nationals. Wade has an extreme passion for motorsports, moonshine, the American race fan and their patriotism. Racing Pro Media is happy to share some of Wade's writings.

Recently Wade launched Methanol Moonshine and we strongly suggest you give it a try. Check out the links below and give him a follow!

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