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Aussie Wide Open - Expressions From Wade Aunger / The Hot Wheels Guy (Brian Smith)

Meet Fremont Ohio’s Brian Smith.

Brian may not go on to win the Knoxville Nationals in his career but plenty of kids won’t love him any less.

You see Brian has a special connection with younger fans and goes out of his way to make their visit to his trailer one they’ll never forget.

He races kids for Hot Wheels cars.

With his very own track in the trailer.

You pick a car.

So does he.

Then you race.

If you win, you get both cars.


Brian’s a guy that gives back by putting back.

He gets it.

What he’s doing is very special and very cool.

Good on you mate.

This is fantastic.

Aaaaand, I won.

Most have been those cool orange rims after all.

Brian Smith.

King of the kids.

Wade Aunger is a longtime Australian racing announcer who you may be familiar with as a voice for the Knoxville Nationals. Wade has an extreme passion for motorsports, moonshine, the American race fan and their patriotism. Racing Pro Media is happy to share some of Wade's writings.

Recently Wade launched Methanol Moonshine and we strongly suggest you give it a try. Check out the links below and give him a follow!

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