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Aussie Wide Open - Expressions From Wade Aunger / The Steel City Outlaw (Tim Shaffer)

This is what old school badass looks like.

This is a life spent doing what he truly loves and doing it HIS WAY.

The Steel City Outlaw doesn't seek the limelight.

He doesn't like the attention.

All he wants is to strap in and wheel that hot rod.


He's 'back in the day style gasser'.

He's a popular guy but he keeps to himself.

There's an intensity that sits just below the surface and a friendliness that contradicts that fierce competitiveness at the same time.

Doesn't mind the occasional post race hydration.

Has seen the occasional sunrise.

I find Shaf' enormously likeable.

He's a wild-card in any field he rolls into.

He comes from an era that is now almost just a memory but he's still just as relevant in 2021 as a racer.

He'll kick that young kid's ass when he can.

And you know he will.

I love his easy going way out of the car and his measured rage inside the cage.

Tim Shaffer.

Like your favourite pair of sneakers.

Nothing fits quite like them.

And you'll never throw them out for a newer flashier pair...

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