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Bob Tasca III Earns Funny Car Auto Club Finals Wally In Pomona, Grabs Final NHRA Event Of 2021

Out of the 4 Camping World NHRA Series, Funny Car was the only one to not have the series champion pull off the win at the last event of the season in Pomona. While Ron Capps took the championship, he was ousted early leaving the door open for someone else to take home the Wally.

Bob Tasca III was ready to take advantage of Capp's early exit along with the other two contenders. While it was a promising season, it was also a frustrating one for Tasca although he was able to pick up 3 victories in 2021.

While Tasca did not qualify the best, he made the most of the 9th position to reach his 21st final and his 9th career win.

"You know, it's a shame," Tasca said about the season. "We really ran to clutch problems, we ran out of clutch discs that we liked. We had enough to finish this race and we just saved them. We didn't have enough to really compete through the playoffs but we had enough to finish this race and we just put them in. And I just knew we were gonna have a good weekend because we just know how to set the car up.

"I've been chasing a Pomona Wally for a long time. I remember being out here as a kid with my dad when Bob Glidden won, just walking down that left lane. I remember it like yesterday, and I've always wanted to win Pomona. It's a special race."

Congrats to Bob Tasca III and his Ford powered Motorcraft team. Looking forward to a great 2022 and seeing what you can do with it.

RPM Round By Round:

Round 1 - Tasca would battle with JR Todd in the first round as they both qualified in the middle of the pack. Tasca holds the lead against Todd with a record of 2-0 in 2021 and he would add a third win after getting the best of Todd running 3.955 at 321.65 MPH.

Round 2 - Jim Campbell was awaiting Tasca in the quarter finals after Campbell surprised in the first round. He would not surprise Tasca as he couldn't compete with his 3.946 at 323.50 MPH run. Tasca moves on!

Round 3 - A match up against John Force would be waiting in the semi's and Tasca has won about 60% of their matchups previously with a record of 21-14. While Force had the advantage at the start, Tasca caught up quickly and nosed ahead to get the win running 3.950 at 322.58 MPH. Tasca moves on to his 21st final round but gives up lane choice to Alexis DeJoria.

Round 4 - Tasca faced off against Alexis DeJoria who has been hot as of late. This was a pretty even race after Tasca had a small advantage at the start but the two cars stayed relatively close together to the finish. Tasca gets his 9th career win and 3rd of 2021 with a run of 3.974 at 322.58 MPH.

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Photo: NHRA National Dragster

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