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Carson Macedo Waits for the Big Money, Cash's In At The Sage Fruit Skagit Nationals For $25,000

“I think I just knew what I needed to do tonight,” Macedo said. “That was the most aggressive, yet smartest I think I’ve ever driven and that’s what I needed. I’ve lost some races lately because of lap traffic and making the wrong decisions while leading. When Logan got by, I knew I needed to kick it up a notch and drive harder. I was passing multiple lappers at a time, so I knew I was getting good. I’m getting better at reading the traffic and letting them show where to go.”

“I really didn’t feel comfortable the first two nights here, but Philip made some huge adjustments,” Macedo added. “We made a lot of gains from Friday to Sunday. It’s cool to win here at a track that Jason raced so much with ASCS. I’m pumped to bring this momentum back to California. I’ve missed racing there with the Outlaws.”

Feature Results:

1. 41-Carson Macedo [1][$25,000]; 2. 9-James McFadden [3][$8,000]; 3. 1S-Logan Schuchart [2][$4,000]; 4. 49-Brad Sweet [4][$3,000]; 5. 2-David Gravel [8][$2,500]; 6. 17-Sheldon Haudenschild [9][$2,300]; 7. 15-Donny Schatz [5][$2,200]; 8. 83-Kasey Kahne [6][$2,100]; 9. 55-Trey Starks [11][$2,050]; 10. 2C-Wayne Johnson [7][$2,000]; 11. 11K-Kraig Kinser [10][$1,600]; 12. 3Z-Brock Zearfoss [12][$1,400]; 13. 24-Rico Abreu [15][$1,200]; 14. 21P-Robbie Price [14][$1,100]; 15. 1A-Jacob Allen [13][$1,050]; 16. 18-Jason Solwold [17][$1,000]; 17. 44W-Austen Wheatley [18][$1,000]; 18. 7S-Jason Sides [16][$1,000]; 19. 18T-Tanner Holmes [22][$1,000]; 20. 99-Malachi Gemmer [19][$1,000]; 21. 22X-Brock Lemley [21][$1,000]; 22. 7-Tyler Thompson [23][$1,000]; 23. 1J-Jack Eckard [24][$1,000]; 24. 75-Brian Boswell [20][$1,000].

Brian Walker has the full race recap:


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