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For The Fifth Time In A Row, Brittany Force Is Top Qualifier In Top Fuel, Tasca Tops In Brainerd

If it seems like Brittany Force is in a good mood, there is probably a good reason as recently she has not been beaten in qualifying and for the past 5 events she has comfortably sat atop of the ladders. It probably doesn't hurt that she also took home the Wally from Topeka last week!

“Coming out of a win in Topeka with my dad was pretty incredible for all of John Force Racing,” said Force. “We’ve been chasing this first win all season long. We’ve gotten those No. 1 hats but we just can’t seem to figure it out on race day but we got it done last weekend and our goal is to repeat that here in Brainerd."

“There’s just a different energy in our pits. After winning and celebrating with my whole team. There is no better feeling than winning. It makes the bad days suck a little less and its just finding that again. We’re chasing Steve Torrence right now. He’s No. 1 in the points and that’s our goal for the end of the season. We’re in a good place. Coming into the season our goal we to be top three going into the Countdown and we’re No. 2 right now. We have to step it up once that Countdown begins. We go to Indy next and then it’s game on. Every point matters and you can’t make mistakes."

Bob Tasca is also feeling pretty good as of late. “It’s great to be back in Brainerd with all these Ford fans. I’ve been signing autographs all day,” said Tasca. “Mike and John have been a little frustrated these last couple of races. We really haven’t caught our stride like we did in the early part of the season. They’ve been working on a little different set-up and we found it last night. A little disappointed this morning. We didn’t’ have the early numbers they wanted.

“Before that run, Neff told me this thing is going to blow the tires off or hang on because it’s going to up a run. At half-track I was celebrating because I knew it was on a big run. Straight as an arrow. We could have taken a fan out of the stands and put them in this Motorcraft Mustang on that run. We just have to do it four more times tomorrow.

“This is the best team race car that I’ve ever had in my career,” Tasca said. “We’ve got to seize these opportunities. There’s not one guy on that Motorcraft team that doesn’t know that. Going into Indy with some momentum and coming out of Indy in the top three would definitely be a goal of mine. We’ve got to win races in the Countdown to win the championship and we’ve done that this year.”

Check out the qualifying recap from Kevin McKenna, NHRA National Dragster Senior Editor:

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