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History Is Made In Texas, Greg Anderson Wins 98th Pro Stock Wally, Most Wins Ever In NHRA Pro Stock

Few days are as great as Sunday was for Greg Anderson. Not only did the four-time world champion finally surpass his mentor, Warren Johnson, as Pro Stock’s winningest driver with his 98th career win, but he also benefited from the early losses of his closest points chasing championship competitors on a wild final day of the Texas NHRA Fall Nationals.

"I saw McGaha's red-light on the scoreboard and I had a difficult time getting to the finish line from third gear on down," Anderson said. "I think I took my arm off the shifter and pumped my fist a couple of times in between gears. I shouldn't even be looking at the scoreboard but for some stupid reason I looked at the scoreboard and I saw mine was on. That was a helluva relief. As soon as I stepped out of the car I got a call from Mr. Hendrick at the finish line and Kyle Larson won today in the Chevrolet. Then Jim Campbell, the president of Chevrolet, jumps on the phone as excited as can be. I'm just I'm honored to be part of it. I'm not gonna make any bones about it. I respect Warren Johnson. He taught me a ton and I would not be here without everything that he taught me and everything he did for me."

With an eye on the championship point, both Erica Enders and Dallas Glenn lost in the second round while a first-round loss by fourth-place Kyle Koretsky provides Anderson a big advantage heading into the final three races of the season. His lead over Enders, which was at 17 before the event, now stands at 81 points.

RPM Round By Round:

Round 1 - Anderson started the day by facing Marty Robertson. A close run but Robertson red lighted at the start. Anderson advances with a run of 6.621 at 205.94 MPH.

Round 2 - Matt Hartford lined up again Anderson in the quarterfinals but was unable to make a full run. Anderson advances to the semifinals with a consistent run of 6.680 at 205.72 MPH.

Round 3 - With his closest competitors in the championship chase already eliminated from the event, Anderson looked to spread the lead by facing off against Troy Coughlin Jr in the semi's. Another consistent run for Anderson while Coughlin Jr slowed midway down the track. Anderson advanced with a run of 6.666 at 205.51 MPH.

Round 4 - In the final, Anderson faced Chris McGaha who looked like he was up to the challenge of keeping Anderson from breaking the record he shares with Warren Johnson. That changed when McGaha red lighted. While the race was competitive to the stripe, it was Anderson with the win running 6.624 at 206.32 MPH.

Congrats on #98!

Phil Burgess has the full Pro Stock recap:

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