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Pipo Derani and Felipe Nasr Have Won Two Straight After Strong Showing For Their Cadillac DPi

“We had a fantastic weekend – perfect, to be honest,” Derani said. “When I was in the car, the 60 car was completely out of my hands, whatever was going to happen to them. So I was just hitting my marks, focusing on making sure that we could make it to the end with a fuel save.”

“I knew at the same time he was saving the fuel to make it to the end, and he still had the pressure from the cars behind,” Nasr said. “But he did a really good job. A phenomenal drive from Pipo.”

“It’s hard to believe when you have a perfect weekend like this because it’s so hard,” Nasr said. “A back-to-back win just shows how much work and effort we’re putting into the team. The fight is on. I want to bring this championship to all of us here.”

Unofficial Results:

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