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Jeremy Mayfield Appears On The Dale Jr. Download And Shares Info On His Past & Troubles With NASCAR

On May 9, 2009, Jeremy Mayfield was suspended indefinitely as both owner and driver by NASCAR following what NASCAR said was a positive test for methamphetamine.

Since that time, many have wondered what really happened and about the details that ended up removing Mayfield from NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently had Jeremy Mayfield as a guest on the Dale Jr. Download in a 2 part series that provided a lot of insight into what occured.

If you have some time, Racing Pro Media highly recommends the 2 part series including episodes 12 & 13 from season 5. The full episodes are available on Peacock to enjoy at your convenience or you can also check out many of the segments on YouTube.

If you are a Peacock subscriber:

If not, check out:

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