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Jim Dunn Racing Names Alex Laughlin As New Pilot Of The Team's Funny Car For 2023 At PRI

Alex Laughlin has been named the new driver of the Jim Dunn Racing Funny Car for 2023. Team Manager Jon Dunn made the announcement at this year’s Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis.

Laughlin, who has succeeded at every level in which he has competed in drag racing, will bring a wealth of talent and young energy to the historic team.

The team’s first order of business will be to get Laughlin a crossover license from Top Fuel to Funny Car prior to next season’s opening NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series event in Gainesville in March.

Jim and Jon Dunn have both paid attention to Laughlin’s racing career and have no worries about his ability to jump into an 11,000-hp nitro Funny Car.

“When you see a young driver that has accomplished as much as Alex has by winning big events like the U.S. Nationals in Pro Stock, and has competed in the Countdown to the Championship, it brings momentum to the team,” said Jon Dunn. “My dad likes Alex’s enthusiasm for the sport and sees how much confidence he has to compete in multiple classes like Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Street Outlaws, Top Fuel, and now Funny Car.”

Jim Dunn Racing will enter all 21 Camping World Drag Racing Series during the 2023 season, giving Laughlin plenty of seat time.

“This is an opportunity that has my emotions running rampant,” said Laughlin. “The last couple of years in the Top Fuel category has really revolutionized my trajectory as a driver and widened my comfort zone. I’m grateful for the Dunn family to offer and bring more new, uncharted experiences to my story of drag racing at the highest levels. This is one of those deals that every driver only hopes for. To be able to bring my current resources and align with the extensive network of Jim Dunn Racing, the sky is the limit. I’m ecstatic to see what 2023 will bring for all of us as we embark on this new endeavor together,” noted Laughlin.

Existing Jim Dunn Racing partners DiPinto Logistics, KGC, Blaze, USD, Lescure, Suzuki Extended Care, and Moon Equipment will return for the 2023 season and be joined with several of Laughlin’s promotional partners, including Havoline, Hot Wheels, 360 Wraps, and Speed Society. The family racing team returns with Jim Dunn as tuner alongside veteran crew members, including his granddaughter Johnna Dunn. Laughlin has already had a chance to visit the team’s shop in California and spend time with Hall of Fame team owner and former Funny Car driver Jim Dunn.

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