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Kyle Koretsky Collects His First NHRA Pro Stock Wally, Denies Teammate Greg Anderson's Record Quest

Koretsky played spoiler against his KB Racing teammate Greg Anderson, collecting his first career Pro Stock win and denying Anderson a date with history as the class’ all-time win leader. He remains tied with Warren Johnson with 97 wins.

"This is huge, I've wanted my whole life," said Koretskey. "My dad worked his whole life and gave me the opportunity to do this. Before the final, he just said, 'Just do what you do every round and dig deep. You're gonna have to really dig deep.'"

"I felt really confident the car was running great, and we come to Charlotte, Greg's hometown, you know KB Racing's hometown. So we knew Ken and Judy Black were going to be out here so we had to make sure we got an all KB Racing final. I mean, they put their heart and soul into this team and gave a lot of sacrifices on their family and to make sure we have the best parts out here. You know, it's definitely a big win for them."

RPM Round By Round:

Round 1 - Kyle Koretsky faced off against Cristian Cuadra for only the second time. Koretsky got the win in their first meeting and went 2-0 with the win here. A slight advantage at the start translated to a slight win at the end with a run of 6.606 at 207.08 MPH.

Round 2 - Dallas Glen was the competitor in the quarters and with a 4-3 advantage in previous meetings, Koretsky was looking to even up their career records. He did exactly that with a run of 6.640 at 207.30 MPH while Glenn had a nasty shake at the launch and turned it off shortly after.

Round 3 - In the semi's, Koretsky faced off against an unfamiliar foe, Baron Stroupe. This was the first time the two had faced off in eliminations and Stroupe was loose early before giving the win up to Koretsky. He ran a respectable 6.661 ET at 206.67 MPH.

Round 4 - In the final, Koretsky's KB Racing teammate and legend Greg Anderson awaited. Anderson holds a 2-1 record against Koretsky and had win number 98 in his sights. A fantastic final as both drivers were quick on the launch and were close throughout the whole race. At the end, it was Koretsky earning his first win with a run of 6.629 at 207.27 MPH.

See the full recap by Phil Burgess:

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