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Kyle Larson Wins Second Consecutive Stoops Pursuit On The Dirt Track At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Larson earned his second consecutive Stoops Pursuit victory, a unique 25-lap race split into five segments in which cars are eliminated from the competition by either being passed or stopping after being involved in an accident.

“It would’ve been tough to get by him with the line he was running,” Larson said about Cummins. “I put a couple of good corners together there to track him down a little bit, then he just over-rotated there. I got lucky for sure.”

“There’s a lot that happens in that race,” Larson said. “It’s hard to keep track of where you’re running and where you need to finish and try not to be too aggressive in those earlier rounds. I knew Grant was really good and I knew if he passed people, he was going to eliminate cars in front of us. It kind of worked out, and a couple mistakes in front of me allowed me to get the win.”

Stoops Pursuit Final Results:

1. Kyle Larson (16), 2. Tanner Thorson (18), 3. Brady Bacon (22), 4. Justin Grant (12), 5. Zeb Wise (24), 6. Kyle Cummins (4), 7. J.J. Yeley (23), 8. Chase Briscoe (5), 9. Emerson Axsom (20), 10. Tyler Courtney (14), 11. Daison Pursley (10), 12. Cole Bodine (2), 13. Conor Daly (26), 14. Jerry Coons Jr. (1), 15. Chase Randall (6), 16. Aiden Purdue (3), 17. Corey Day (7), 18. Spencer Bayston (8), 19. Ryan Timms (9), 20. Buddy Kofoid (11), 21. Logan Seavey (13), 22. Thomas Meseraull (15), 23. Chris Windom (17), 24. Chase Elliott (19), 25. Kaylee Bryson (21), 26. Ryan Newman (25).

Head over to and see the recap by Richie Murray:


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