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Larson Is The Class Of The Field Again, Wins Emotional Victory at BC39 Honoring Bryan Clauson

“I had a thought of what I wanted to do, and I kind of screwed it all up on that last restart,” Larson said. “I slid myself a few times, and I shouldn’t have been doing that, but I knew Justin was on top in 1 and 2 there. I slammed the curb every time in 4, and then Brady got to my inside and Justin was there. It was just wild. I did not do a good job there on that restart but thankfully put a decent last lap together and snuck through for the win. I’ll take it.”

“This event has grown into something really big, and I’m glad to be part of it,” Larson said. “Putting a little bullring here in the infield is really cool. “These midgets are so much fun and so fun on a little track like this. This is the perfect midget track. IMS did such a good job building this place, the size, the dimensions, the banking, the dirt, everything. The track build is great, so hats off to the whole crew here.

BC39 Final Results:

1. Kyle Larson (4), 2. Justin Grant (1), 3. Brady Bacon (6), 4. Daison Pursley (3), 5. Emerson Axsom (19), 6. Ryan Timms (2), 7. Tanner Thorson (21-P), 8. Tyler Courtney (7), 9. Jerry Coons Jr. (9), 10. Buddy Kofoid (13), 11. Chase Briscoe (22), 12. Spencer Bayston (14), 13. Kevin Thomas Jr. (11), 14. Zeb Wise (25-P), 15. Logan Seavey (20), 16. Cole Bodine (12), 17. Kyle Cummins (16), 18. Karter Sarff (17), 19. Kaylee Bryson (18), 20. Chase Randall (24-P), 21. Chris Windom (8), 22. Cannon McIntosh (10), 23. Hayden Williams (23), 24. Thomas Meseraull (5), 25. Corey Day (15).

Richie Murray provides a full evening recap here:

Curt Cavin provides the view from Indianapolis Motor Speedway:


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