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Max Verstappen Captures 7th Victory Of 2021 And Secures Series Point Lead At Dutch Grand Prix

“It’s an incredible feeling to win in front of the fans, but also the King was watching with the family, so just an amazing day,” said Verstappen. “I know the fans, of course they always have high expectations when you come here, they of course want you to win, but it’s never that straightforward before you get here.

“You've seen this whole year already, Mercedes and us, we’ve been really close to each other,” he added. “And to deliver at the end of the day, of course I’m very satisfied, yesterday already with pole but then also to win the race. What was crucial today was first of all the start. And then throughout the race, I was just managing that gap so they couldn’t undercut us.”

“The whole race, it was quite close between myself and Lewis,” said Verstappen. “He was really putting the pressure on, he was putting some great laps in, I think also after the final stop, at one point on that medium tire and I was on the hard tire, but luckily it was enough at the end. But 72 laps around here, pushing, it was satisfying, it was cool!”

Final Results:

  1.    Max Verstappen

  2.    Lewis Hamilton

  3.    Valtteri Bottas

  4.    Pierre Gasly

  5.    Charles Leclerc

  6.    Fernando Alonso

  7.    Carlos Sainz, Jr.

  8.    Sergio Perez

  9.    Esteban Ocon

  10.    Lando Norris

  11.    Daniel Ricciardo

  12.    Lance Stroll

  13.    Sebastian Vettel

  14.    Antonio Giovinazzi

  15.    Robert Kubica

  16.    Nicholas Latifi

  17.    George Russell

  18.    Mick Schumacher

  19.    Yuki Tsunoda

  20.    Nikita Mazepin

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