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Pomona Fast Friday Ends With Leah Pruett, Blake Alexander, Greg Anderson, and Matt Smith Fastest

Leah Pruett: “My first race ever was here, the first time I was ever in this tower, I sang the national anthem, and I will never do that again. A lot of different memories. But I think what I can attribute the most to the glimpses of glee I had between pulling the parachutes and turning off was, as we inch more and more to our own expectations, that's what brings the most happiness and to share that happiness with, it's not so much like family. I haven't seen one family member here yet. But in the drag racing community, so many of my nostalgia racers that I raced with are currently there on other Funny Car teams. There's that nostalgic feeling for me.”

“When I saw her 6.59 on the scoreboard down there with a .970 60-foot time I knew we were really gonna have to get after it because our class is so close,” said Greg Anderson. “It really comes down to how you 60-foot. It didn’t feel quite right in 1st gear. I got to about 100 foot out and thought. ‘You know. it's not a bad run, but it's not going to get pole,’ so I was surprised when they said I got the pole at the finish line and I know we can do better to 60 feet so I know we can run better.”

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