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Remembering Robin Miller

“I’m writing 52 columns a year about USAC Racing because at that time, USAC was on top,” Miller recalled. “I flunked out of Ball State in 1971 and that is hard to do. It’s hard to flunk out of Ball State. You have to try.

“It’s sad that my Mom and Dad didn’t get to go to college, and I threw mine away.”

“He was brutally honest in his own way; what he believed in,” Mario Andretti said. “I think he touched a lot of raw nerves along the way. He did that, and he didn’t care because he cared about the sport. He reported what he felt in his own way were the facts and he backed them up. What more can you say about somebody?”

In my opinion, no one put it together better than Bruce Martin:

Thank you for being a "Racer" Robin. Thank you for your contributions to all of motorsports.


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