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Ryan Preece Dominates Whelen Modified's Return To Richmond, Wins Virginia Is For Racing Lovers 150

“Usually you really don’t want late-race restarts, but I knew I had a really good car,” Preece said. “And I knew from the first restart we had that my car was gonna take off. I was good on the short run and good on the long run. It all worked out.”

“Clean air was something I wanted,” Preece added. “Funny to say in a modified, but it matters. I knew the deeper you get into the pack, the less your car is going to do what you want it to do. Ultimately, I’m pretty happy we controlled the race and we had a fast race car.”

Final Results:

  1. Ryan Preece

  2. Jon McKennedy

  3. Ronnie Williams

  4. Ryan Newman

  5. Doug Coby

  6. Kyle Bonsignore

  7. Austin Beers

  8. Andy Jankowiak

  9. Burt Myers

  10. Woody Pitkat

  11. Anthony Nocella

  12. Tyler Rypkema

  13. Eric Goodale

  14. Ed McCarthy

  15. Bobby Measmer

  16. JB Fortin

  17. Walter Sutcliffe

  18. Kyle Ebersole

  19. Ron Silk

  20. Andrew Krause

  21. Jamie Tomaino

  22. Melissa Fifield

  23. Bobby Santos Jr

  24. Justin Bonsignore

  25. Patrick Emerling

  26. Dave Sapienza

Check out the full story from Davey Segal:


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