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Steve Torrence Adds Third Career Dodge//SRT NHRA U.S. Nationals Wally To Fast Growing Collection

“I felt confident being in the left lane before I saw Timmy go 91 and outrun Capps, and then I'm thinking, ‘Oh man that lane's pretty stout.’ Hogan is consistent but Grubnic’s in a different area code as far as going out and just throwing down Hail Mary passes and making it stick, so you’ve got to be cautious, you got to go out there and do your job, and so it was just a tough final round.

“It’s unbelievable to be able to say you've won Indy once and I've done it twice in Top Fuel and once in alcohol. It’s just another race, but it's not just another race. And it's difficult to explain that to people. It's the history of this place, and the people that have won, and it's a milestone of the pinnacle race of our sport.”

RPM Round By Round:

Round one faced Torrence against Antron Brown. Brown had an 8-0 record against Torrence when previously meeting in the first round. After losing traction shortly in the run, Brown was no match for Torrence who ran a 3.716 ET at 325.37 MPH.

Greg Carrillo lined up against Torrence in the 2nd round and this was the first time they have faced off against each other. While Carrillo made a nice clean run, it was no match for Torrence's 3.744 ET at 323.35 MPH.

The semi's came with a match up family. With two Capco cars a Torrence was guaranteed to make it to the final. Steve holds a 10-4 advantage over Billy in previous matchups but this was the closest run of the day. While Billy ran a competitive 3.792 ET at 323.04 MPH, it was just shy of Steve's 3.744 ET at 325.14 MPH. Steve Torrence was moving on to his 71st career final round and his 9th of 2021.

In the final, not much could prevent Steve Torrence from winning his 8th Wally of the season. That included Brittany Force he capped off the weekend by qualifying in the number one position for the 6th straight event. Force was up in smoke almost immediately as Torrence ran a consistent 3.749 ET at 324.44 MPH. For the 48th time in his career, Steve Torrence collects another Wally, blue hat and of course the Wally.

Check out the full recap by Phil Burgess over at

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