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Steve Torrence Continues Top Fuel Dominance, Wins Brainerd And Now Has A Win At Every Track On Tour

“I did everything possible to screw this up until the final and I finally got my head out of my butt and drove my race car because that was a heck of a race against Clay and those guys, they’re coming on strong right now,” said Torrence. “I couldn’t be more proud of that team but these Capco boys, they continue to just save me when I need it. I help them when they need it and we’re at the front and we’re staying there.”

“It’s just a blessing to be here,” Torrence said. “To have this opportunity is truly special and to say that I’ve won every race on the circuit; I just remember dreaming of winning one race. To be here and have the accomplishments we have is nothing short of the glory of God.”

RPM Round By Round:

Torrence faced Terry Totten in round number one but Totten took off before the tree was activated leaving the Capco Boy as the winner with at 3.697 ET at 330.31 MPH.

In the 2nd round, Justin Ashley was in the next lane who Torrence holds a 5-0 advantage against in previous matchups. While Ashley had the initial jump, Torrence caught up fast eventually passing him about halfway down the track with a 3.737 ET at 326.48 MPH.

This placed Torrence back in another final with a 3rd round bye. This was the 8th final of 2021 and the 70th of his career. Clay Millican was the man to line up against Torrence in the other lane and in previous matchups, Torrence has the advantage of 15-9. While Millican had a slight reaction time advantage, it was Torrence who again takes home the Wally like he has 46 other times.

On to Indy!

See the full recap by Kevin McKenna, NHRA National Dragster Senior Editor:


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