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Steve Torrence Wins Dodge//SRT NHRA Nationals In Las Vegas, Extends Points Lead Heading Into Pomona

For the 50th time, Steve Torrence raised the Wally at the end of the Las Vegas Nationals. With this being the 1000th event, that means he has won exactly 5% of the events all time

"Brittany going out in the semis was was an opportunity that we needed to to capture, we needed to capitalize on that and and we were able to do it and that that gave us a little bit of breathing room going into Pomona," Torrence said. "We go do what we do, and and see if we can get it done.

"It was just a great weekend for us. You know, Grubnic is is just hammering everybody. We were No. 2 with the 71. And he goes .66. so you know, you have that in the back of your mind, but you just go do what you do. And that's something that every one of the guys on my team are really good at just staying focused on what's underneath our awning. What's what's in our headspace and nothing else."

Torrence heads to the season ending finale in Pomona with a good lead but with points and a half on the line, he knows he must stay on his game.

RPM Round By Round:

Round 1 - Torrence is normally a lock in the first round winning 77% of his races after qualifying in the top half of the field. Jim Maroney lined up for the challenge and although he launched first, Torrence quickly caught and passed him for the win running 3.751 at 325.61 MPH.

Round 2 - After disposing Josh Hart in round 1, Tripp Tatum lined up for round 2 in a Capco clone to face Torrence. This was the first time the two had matched up and Torrence gets the win with a pass of 3.736 at 328.62 MPH.

Round 3 - While Torrence has a 7-2 advantage against Justin Ashley in prior events, its impossible to not respect his ability to launch at the start and hard race to the finish. To get out of the semi's, Torrence would need to have a great pass and he did just that with a run of 3.688 at 329.58 MPH. This was the fastest pass of the weekend for Torrence and allowed him to move into his 75th final.

Round 4 - Between Torrence and his 10th Wally of the 2021 season stood Mike Salinas seeking his second in a row after winning Bristol. Overall Torrence has a 11-4 record agains Salinas but in the finals they are even at 2-2. With a slight advantage at the start, Torrence carried the momentum to the finish and never trailed on the way to his 50th career Top Fuel Wally.

See the full recap at by Phil Burgess:


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