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Taylor Gray Wins Star Nursery 150 At The Las Vegas Bullring Earning His Second Victory Of 2021

After winning in Portand just a few weeks ago, Gray didn't take long to make it back to victory lane, this time in Las Vegas.

“It’s easy to get worked up at these short tracks, overdriving the entry and stuff like that,” Gray said. “I didn’t do that great of a job tonight honestly, just making mistakes. I should have had better restarts. In my opinion, I should have won this race by a lot more, but just got to work on myself and keep studying and get better.”


  1.    Taylor Gray 

  2.    Jake Drew 

  3.    Trevor Huddleston

  4.    Joey Iest 

  5.    Kyle Keller 

  6.    Cole Moore 

  7.    Paul Pedroncelli, Jr.

  8.    Takuma Koga

  9.    Josh Fanopoulos 

  10.    Christian Rose 

  11.    Eric Nascimento 

  12.    Stafford Smith

  13.    Jesse Love

  14.    Dean Thompson 

  15.    Bobby Hillis, Jr.

  16.    Todd Souza

  17.    Jolynn Wilkinson 

  18.    Mariah Boudrieau 

  19.    John Wood

  20.    Bridget Burgess

  21.    Amber Slagle 

  22.    Amber Balcaen 

  23.    Paul Pedroncelli 

See the full recap by Tadd Haislop:


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