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Ty Gibbs Wins ARCA Menards Series Henry Ford Health Systems 200 At Michigan International Speedway

“That was a good time,” Gibbs said. “It’s more of a speedway style race with this package and horsepower. A good learning experience for me. Kind of taught myself today a little bit, blocking lines and runs. We got two more races this weekend, so it’ll be fun.”

To win at Michigan is a big deal for Gibbs as he described the importance of his 8th win of the season. “It’s definitely at the top,” he said. “To win somewhere where Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, all the bad dudes won at. It’s awesome to win here. It’s incredible.”

Final Results: Henry Ford Health Systems 200

  1. Ty Gibbs

  2. Corey Heim

  3. Nick Sanchez

  4. Sam Mayer

  5. Kyle Sieg

  6. Greg Van Alst

  7. Morgen Baird

  8. Thad Moffitt

  9. Jeffery MacZink

  10. Brandon Varney

  11. Brad Smith

  12. Jason Kitzmiller

  13. Gracie Trotter

  14. Scott Melton

  15. Zachary Tinkle

  16. Connor Mosack

  17. Tim Richmond

  18. Drew Dollar

  19. D L Wilson

  20. Jason Miles

Davey Segal provides a full race recap at


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