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Ty Gibbs Wins For The 9th Time In 2021, Leads Every Lap In Sprecher 150 At The Milwaukee Mile

Ty Gibbs and his Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota started the day by taking the pole. He never looked back as led from start to finish to capture his 9th victory of the ARCA Menards season.

Final Results:

  1. Ty Gibbs

  2. Sam Mayer

  3. Daniel Dye

  4. Taylor Gray

  5. Sammy Smith

  6. Corey Heim

  7. Jesse Love

  8. Joey Iest

  9. Thad Moffitt

  10. Gracie Trotter

  11. Parker Retzlaff

  12. Nick Sanchez

  13. Rajah Caruth

  14. Ron Vandermeir Jr

  15. Max Gutierrez

  16. Connor Mosack

  17. Alex Clubb

  18. Jason Miles

  19. Mason Diaz

  20. Stephanie Moyer

  21. Eric Caudell

  22. Brad Smith

  23. Tony Cosentino

  24. Arnout Kok

Head over to to see how it looked from Todd Haislop:


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