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Ty Gibbs Wins The Arizona Lottery 100 ARCA Menards Series West Race, Jesse Love Is Series Champ

While Ty Gibbs won again in dominating fashion, the ARCA West Series championship came down to the wire between Jesse Love and Jake Drew.

Drew had the championship in the bag until the last lap of the race when Jesse Love advanced through the field just enough to end up in an overall points tie between the two drivers. Because the tiebreaker is based on series victories, Love won the championship.

It was Drew’s Sunrise Ford Racing teammate Trevor Huddleston who gave up the position Love needed to win his second consecutive West Series championship. Huddleston appeared to drop off the pace shortly after taking the white flag and Love immediately took advantage and made the pass for 14th.

“Just needed to get to him. I knew I had to get one spot, and we got to him,” Love said of his passing Huddleston on the final lap. “I wasn’t sure what happened. I was going to get to him one way or another. I wasn’t going to spin him out. I was going to rattle his cage a little.”

Gibbs again had a stellar day on the way to his 16th win overall in 2021 between all of the ARCA series as well as the NASCAR Xfinity series.

“I felt like lapped traffic was one of the biggest challenges,” Gibbs said. “I felt like we were at at dirt race almost. Pick and choose your lines; make sure the right one rolled. Just a great day.”

Final Results:

  1. Ty Gibbs

  2. Taylor Gray

  3. Sammy Smith

  4. Nick Sanchez

  5. J P Bergeron

  6. Jake Garcia

  7. Drew Dollar

  8. Rajah Caruth

  9. Gracie Trotter

  10. Cole Moore

  11. Jake Drew

  12. Daniel Dye

  13. Parker Chase

  14. Jesse Love

  15. Trevor Huddleston

  16. Todd Souza

  17. Joey Iest

  18. Paul Pedroncelli Jr

  19. Conner Jones

  20. John Borneman

  21. Max Gutierrez

  22. Dean Thompson

  23. Takuma Koga

  24. Bridget Burgess

  25. Brian Kamisky

  26. Sebastian Arias

  27. Toni Breidinger

  28. Ryan Roulette

  29. Bobby Hillis Jr

  30. Caleb Costner

  31. Josh Fanopoulos

  32. Eric Nascimento

  33. Travis Milburn

  34. Paul Pedroncelli

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