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Lewis Hamilton Snags Win #100 After Lando Norris And McLaren Giftwraps It With Bad Strategy Call

Lewis Hamilton won the 2021 Russian Grand Prix after rain had the final say in the eventual outcome. With five laps remaining, the sky's opened up, forcing drivers to change their strategies with a handful of laps remaining.

Lando Norris started on pole for the first time in his F1 career and was largely in the lead through to lap 51 of 53. As the rain played havoc, he spun off the track allowing Lewis Hamilton to pass him and win in Sochi, the 100th race victory of his career.

"It's taken a long time to get to 100 and at times, I wasn't sure it would come. Lando did such an amazing job, he had incredible pace. It was bittersweet to see my old team ahead. The team made a great call right at the end, I didn't want to let Lando go but again I didn't know what the weather was doing," said Hamilton.

Final Results:

  1. Lewis Hamilton

  2. Max Verstappen

  3. Carlos Sainz

  4. Daniel Ricciardo

  5. Valtteri Bottas

  6. Fernando Alonso

  7. Lando Norris

  8. Kimi Räikkönen

  9. Sergio Perez

  10. George Russell

  11. Lance Stroll

  12. Sebastian Vettel

  13. Pierre Gasly

  14. Esteban Ocon

  15. Charles Leclerc

  16. Antonio Giovinazzi

  17. Yuki Tsunoda

  18. Nikita Mazepin

  19. Nicholas Latifi

  20. Mick Schumacher

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