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Mike Marlar Wins And Is The First Three Time Winner Of The Lucas Oil Late Model Knoxville Nationals

“The car was really good, and once I got out in clean air, it was really, really good,” said Marlar. “My guys helped me get it tuned in really good this week. It was an awesome race. It was fun racing there with Timmy. He had me on pins and needles at the end of that thing. Once you lose your air here, you’re in trouble. We had some cars in front of us congesting things. Timmy’s a professional’s professional. He raced me clean as he could without wrecking us both. We made it through it ok. We’ve had so much success here, even before we started winning. I feel for Tyler. He was going for something awesome here. We talk about Knoxville a lot, and he’s starting to master it, so I hate that for him. It was a fun race, and it’s hard to think about winning at a big race like this.”

Feature Results:

1. 157, Mike Marlar, Winfield, TN (3); 2. 39, Tim McCreadie, Watertown, NY (1); 3. 7w, Ricky Weiss, Headingley, MB, Can. (6); 4. 46, Earl Pearson Jr., Jacksonville, FL (7); 5. 1s, Brandon Sheppard, New Berlin, IL (5); 6. 1T, Tyler Erb, New Waverly, TX (2); 7. 71, Hudson O'Neal, Martinsville, IN (11); 8. 14, Josh Richards, Shinnston, WV (18); 9. 32s, Chris Simpson, Oxford, IA (19); 10. 1c, Chad Simpson, Mt. Vernon, IA (14); 11. 99JR, Frank Heckenast Jr., Frankfort, IN (15); 12. 66, Kyle Bronson, Brandon, FL (17); 13. 18, Shannon Babb, Moweaqua, IL (20); 14. 20RT, Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, IA (9); 15. 18J, Chase Junghans, Manhattan, KS (13); 16. 25, Shane Clanton, Zebulon, GA (21); 17. 20, Jimmy Owens, Newport, TN (12); 18. 16, Tyler Bruening, Decorah, IA (10); 19. 8, Kyle Strickler, Mooresville, NC (4); 20. Garrett Alberson (28); 21. Kyle Hammer (27); 22. 11H, Spencer Hughes, Meridian, MS (16); 23. 04, Tad Pospisil, Norfolk, NE (22); 24. Tony Jackson Jr. (25); 25. Charlie McKenna (29); 26. 49, Jonathan Davenport, Blairsville, GA (8); 27. 36, Logan Martin, West Plains, MO (24); 28. Ryan Gustin (26); 29. 41, Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque, IA (23); 30. 48, Jason Feger (30).

Check out the full recap by Bill Wright:


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