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Nick Sanchez Wins TV Time Shortened ARCA Menards Series General Tire 200 At Talladega Superspeedway

With the FS1 TV window running short, ARCA ran over the TV time allowed and had to end the race on the last flag, whether it be for a caution or checkered flag.

Shortly after that decision was made, Daniel Dye tried to block Corey Heim for the lead and wasn’t quite clear, essentially turning himself to bring out the final yellow and an end to the race after just 68 laps of the scheduled 76.

Nick Sanchez took advantage of the situation and snuck through, snagging the lead and the win for his Rev Racing team..

While NASCAR was antsy to get the cars off the track as soon as possible with the NASCAR Xfinity Series race scheduled to begin in 70 minutes, they did allow the team to celebrate briefly in victory lane.

RPM apologizes for the short article, there is another race coming up in an hour and we need to prepare. In all serious, 3rd place finisher Corey Heim was far from pleased with how the race ended.

“You don’t really come to terms with the race finish,” he told FOX Sports 1 post-race .”I think it’s just a joke. Right before the end, my spotter told me that this race would end under caution or whatever the next flag was. So, that’s just a joke. If they want to run the series like that, that’s one thing. My Crescent Tools Camry was great all day, we had speed, and we waited until the very end there. It ended early. I don’t know why we scheduled this race so close to the next race; it’s kind of ridiculous. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Corey, we agree with you!

General Tire 200 Results:

  1. Nick Sanchez

  2. Bret Holmes

  3. Corey Heim

  4. Thad Moffitt

  5. Gus Dean

  6. Rajah Caruth

  7. Drew Dollar

  8. Ryan Huff

  9. Parker Chase

  10. Max Gutierrez

  11. Greg Van Alst

  12. Amber Balcean

  13. Andy Jankowiak

  14. Jason Kitzmiller

  15. Willie Mullins

  16. D.L. Wilson

  17. Daniel Dye

  18. Bryce Haugeberg

  19. Thomas Praytor

  20. Zachary Tinkle

  21. Jon Garret

  22. Brad Smith

  23. A.J. Moyer

  24. Toni Breidinger

  25. Richard Garvie

  26. Brayton Laster

  27. Eric Caudell

  28. Scott Melton

  29. Tim Richmond

  30. Bryan Dauzat

  31. Sean Corr

  32. Brian Kaltreider

  33. Tim Monroe

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