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Ronk, Hagopian, Nunley, Newell, Mauldin & Axsom Take Home Golden Driller's From 37th Tulsa Shootout

From / Bryan Hulbert

Winged Outlaw

Delivering a Golden Driller to the state of Indiana, Craig Ronk captured his first career Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout victory.

Leading the entire 55 lap affair, Ronk never vacated the bottom groove of the Tulsa Expo Raceway. Getting a couple of taps in the closing laps from Thomas Kunsman, the No. 21k was unable to shake the No. 94 from the line.

Settling for second, Thomas was chased to the line by Jonathan Beason.

KJ Snow rolled to fourth with Gunnar Setser fifth. Laydon Pearson was sixth, followed by Kevin Thomas, Jr. in seventh. Advancing from 16th to eighth was Emerson Axsom with Cody Christenson rolling from 15th to ninth. Scotty Milan followed the trend; going from 18th to complete the top ten.

The 37th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout set records across the board with 1,739 entries received. Of those, 1,661 were confirmed at check-in. Other winners on Saturday night included Emerson Axsom in Stock Non-Wing, Jett Nunley in Restricted A-Class, Jake Hagopian in A-Class, Jeffrey Newell in Non-Wing Outlaw, and for the second year in a row Lucas Mauldin topped Junior Sprints.

A total of 359 races were contested (172 Heat Races, 24 E-Mains, 32 D-Mains, 36 C-Mains, 44 Qualifiers, 40 B-Mains, 5 LCQ, and 6 A-Features) across four days with 3,418 green flag laps contested.

Feature Results (55 Laps):

1. 94-Craig Ronk[1]; 2. 21K-Thomas Kunsman[2]; 3. 2B-Jonathan Beason[5]; 4. 24-KJ Snow[8]; 5. 5S-Gunnar Setser[3]; 6. 11-Laydon Pearson[7]; 7. 51T-Kevin Thomas Jr[9]; 8. 47B-Emerson Axsom[16]; 9. 12X-Cody Christensen[15]; 10. 97-Scotty Milan[18]; 11. 48T-Tanner Holm[14]; 12. 9S-Kevin Bayer[13]; 13. 02-Ashton Torgerson[17]; 14. 8G-Tyler Smith[22]; 15. 20R-Alex Bright[20]; 16. 05R-Brandon Riveira[21]; 17. 87C-Chase Randall[6]; 18. 52-Blake Hahn[4]; 19. 13-Mitchel Moles[24]; 20. 14X-Braxston Wilson[11]; 21. 81-Frank Flud[12]; 22. 88R-Ryder Laplante[10]; 23. 14Q-Jake Hagopian[19]; 24. 51B-Joe B Miller[23]

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Winner by virtue of a disqualification in 2019, California’s Jake Hagopian left no doubts as to his abilities at the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout on Saturday night; reaching the finish line first in A-Class competition.

Trailing Kyle Spence on the start, the No. R7 led the first 14 laps. Trailed by Jake Hagopian, the No. 14q took advantage of slower traffic to grab the lead on Lap 15. Bringing Tyler Courtney along with him, the No. 4x shot to the lead on Lap 18, only to have the caution lights send the field to the last fully completed lap.

Falling to third on the restart, Christopher Bell rolled into the runner-up spot but would have to work to hold it with Courtney exchanging slide jobs with the No. 21x. Able to retake second, the battle allowed Hagopian to build a nearly 1.5-second advantage.

Keeping clean as the field raced back into traffic, Hagopian took the win with 1.006-seconds to spare. A fierce battle to the checkered flag for second, Christopher Bell barely held off Tyler Courtney. Fourth went to Alex Bright with Kameron Key in fifth.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. 14Q-Jake Hagopian[2]; 2. 21X-Christopher Bell[3]; 3. 4X-Tyler Courtney[4]; 4. 20R-Alex Bright[5]; 5. 21J-Kameron Key[6]; 6. 15N-Neal Allison[8]; 7. 13A-Emerson Axsom[17]; 8. R7-Kyle Spence[1]; 9. 35S-Aubrey Smith[13]; 10. 110-Karter Battarbee[9]; 11. 6W-Colin White[12]; 12. 02-Ashton Torgerson[7]; 13. 21K-Thomas Kunsman[19]; 14. 14Y-Tyler Smith[21]; 15. 144-Damon Paul[24]; 16. 10J-Dominic Gorden[20]; 17. 24S-Colby Sokol[10]; 18. 195-Steven Snyder Jr[15]; 19. 25-Maverick Elkins[14]; 20. 88C-Dominic Carter[16]; 21. 13J-Mitchel Moles[22]; 22. 1V-Johnny Boland[18]; 23. 94-Craig Ronk[23]; 24. 36C-Kris Carroll[11]

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Restricted 'A' Class

The third race of the night that was settled in the last 100 feet at the 37th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, Oklahoma’s Jett Nunley held off the charge of Jett Barnes for the Restricted A-Class Golden Driller.

Taking off with the lead from the start, Jett Nunley set a rapid pace on the field with Brecken Reese chasing. Into traffic on lap 9, Nunley’s half-stretch advantage vanished as Reese chased the No. 33 through the field. Getting a slower car between himself and the No. 20q, caution lights slowed the action on Lap 11.

Pulling away again on the restart, the race for second saw Jett Barnes taking the spot on Lap 15.

Caution again the following lap, it was Jett versus Jett with Nunley continuing to hold the lead. Staying that way to the white flag, a small slip by Nunley off the second turn presented the chance for Barnes. Pulling under the No. 33, Barnes gave it everything. A few tire taps to the checkered flag, Nunley held on by 0.149-seconds for his first career win.

Jett Barnes crossed second with Garrett Benson rolling to third. Cooper Miller was fourth with Kortland Stephens making up five spots to complete the top five.

Feature Results (25 Laps):

1. 33-Jett Nunley[1]; 2. 55-Jett Barnes[5]; 3. 2G-Garrett Benson[4]; 4. 5C-Cooper Miller[3]; 5. 1K-Kortland Stephens[10]; 6. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[12]; 7. 7L-Lucas Johnson[11]; 8. 71-Jaxton Wiggs[20]; 9. 7J-JW Henderson[18]; 10. 15V-Cole Vanderheiden[17]; 11. 14B-Ethan Burdett[14]; 12. 10S-Scout Spraggins[21]; 13. 45M-Megan Thomas[9]; 14. 3C-Cale Coons[13]; 15. 2A-Austin Wood[6]; 16. 87-Collin Shain[16]; 17. 3-Lathe Griggs[24]; 18. 20Q-Brecken Reese[2]; 19. 27-Kaden Weger[23]; 20. 7T-Quinn Thurein[7]; 21. B2-Carson Bolden[19]; 22. 14X-Braxston Wilson[15]; 23. 2-Taylor Mayhew[22]; 24. 45-Bradley Cox[8]

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Non-Wing Outlaw

A wild series of events over 30 laps, Tulsa’s Jeffery Newell captured his first career victory at the 37th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout in the Non-Wing Outlaw A-Feature.

Leading the opening nine laps, Blake Hahn rolled the cushion to the lead on Lap 10. Jonathan Beason in tow to second on Lap 13, the two began battling for the top spot with Beason taking it on Lap 17. To the curb in the third and fourth turns, it bit and sent the No. 2b sidewise, collecting Hahn who was forced to a stop.

Retaking the lead from Beason on the restart, Newell stayed committed to the bottom of the Tulsa Expo Raceway.

Pounding the cushion from sixth, Emerson Axsom worked past Shawn Mahaffey on Lap 26 for second. Building momentum on the final lap, Axsom shot off the top of the fourth turn, only to find Newell’s right rear as the two hit the finish line separated by 0.052-seconds. Flipping wildly into the first turn, Emerson was unharmed.

Mitchell Moles crossed third, but failure to report to post-race tech resulted in disqualification. Third was credited to Shawn Mahaffey, with Ron Dennis fourth, and Thomas Kunsman in fifth.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. 12J-Jeffrey Newell[2]; 2. 47B-Emerson Axsom[6]; 3. 11S-Shawn Mahaffey[5]; 4. 21K-Thomas Kunsman[17]; 5. 71M-Gavin Miller[9]; 6. 71K-Christopher Bell[12]; 7. 20R-Alex Bright[21]; 8. 10J-Dominic Gorden[11]; 9. 51T-Kevin Thomas Jr[3]; 10. 1V-Johnny Boland[15]; 11. 51B-Joe B Miller[10]; 12. 2B-Jonathan Beason[7]; 13. 8G-Tyler Smith[22]; 14. 11X-Brent Crews[23]; 15. 02-Ashton Torgerson[18]; 16. 3M-Collin Mitchell[13]; 17. 36J-Kyle Jones[16]; 18. 39-Russ Disinger[19]; 19. 88J-Joey Amantea[20]; 20. 2G-Brandon Rose[24]; 21. 2L-Austin Lambert[4]; 22. 52-Blake Hahn[1]; 23. 10S-Logan Seavey[14]; 24. 2K-Todd Kirkman[8]

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Junior Sprints

Going back to back with the Junior Sprints, California’s Lucas Mauldin raced from seventh to the lead on Lap 2, and held point on the field from there.

Three-wide off the second turn for the point, Mauldin was pursued by Eli Holden. Going after the lead on a Lap 9 restart, Holden stepped ahead of the No. 55x for a moment but could not hold the position. Back to green on Lap 11, Holden kept pace for a few laps, but would not deny Mauldin the win.

Eli Holden in second was followed by Vito Cancilla in third. Parker Perry to fourth in the closing laps left Kyle Fernandez to round out the top five.

Feature Results (20 Laps):

1. 55X-Lucas Mauldin[7]; 2. 5E-Eli Holden[1]; 3. 5V-Vito Cancilla[9]; 4. 43-Parker Perry[10]; 5. 24N-Kyle Fernandez[3]; 6. 2T-Tyler Crow[15]; 7. 75-Josiah Vega[5]; 8. 17B-Brycen Roush[8]; 9. 66-Blayden Graham[12]; 10. 9J-Levi Osborne[20]; 11. 1-Hudsyn Truitt[4]; 12. 22-Ryker Jones[18]; 13. 20-Carter Sauer[16]; 14. 8J-JJ Williams[6]; 15. 19A-Ayla Morefield[2]; 16. 29-Jude Allgayer[17]; 17. 14J-Jaxon Nail[14]; 18. 1P-Mekentzi Potter[13]; 19. 70-Micah Becker[19]; 20. 5-Jace Thurein[11]

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Stock Non-Wing

Collecting his second Lucas Oil Tula Shootout win, Emerson Axsom added Saturday’s Stock Non-Wing Golden Driller to his collection.

Champion of the Outlaw division in 2020, Axsom set a torrid pace from the start.

With traffic slowing him little, it was late-race restarts that put Alex Bright on the back bumper of the No. 13a. Biking off the cushion with a couple of laps to run, Bright took a shot, but could not clear the Indiana racer. With one final run off the final turn, Bright gave it everything he had but missed the win by 0.052-seconds.

Mitchel Moles rode the cushion to third, with Shawn Mahaffey fourth. Ron Dennis completed the top five.

Feature Results (30 Laps):

1. 13A-Emerson Axsom[1]; 2. 20R-Alex Bright[2]; 3. 11S-Shawn Mahaffey[3]; 4. 79-Ron Dennis[4]; 5. 21K-Thomas Kunsman[17]; 6. 195-Steven Snyder Jr[8]; 7. 570-Prestyn Brown[7]; 8. 3M-Collin Mitchell[15]; 9. 14A-Braden Chiaramonte[11]; 10. 14Y-Tyler Smith[23]; 11. 10B-Brock Berreth[21]; 12. 25A-Anton Hernandez[9]; 13. 11C-Darren Brown[22]; 14. 22R-Gage Laney[16]; 15. 51K-Caleb Martin[14]; 16. 17-Quinton Benson[20]; 17. 6W-Colin White[18]; 18. 2-Travis Sullivan[13]; 19. 2W-Austin Wood[12]; 20. 41-Logan Rumsey[19]; 21. 14R-Jake Nail[24]; 22. 4X-Tyler Courtney[6]; 23. 10X-Kole Kirkman[10]; 24. (DQ) 13J-Mitchel Moles[5] ***Moles disqualified for failure to report to post-race tech

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The Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout takes place at the Tulsa Expo Raceway, located inside the SageNet Center in Tulsa, Okla. More information on the event will be released as the event draws closer.

All official rules, event information, and dates are online at

Fans can also follow the Tulsa Shootout at and on Twitter (@TulsaShootout).

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