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Steven Stotts Remembered With An ARCA Victory By Taylor Gray And David Gilliland Racing In Phoenix

In a race fueled by tragedy, nothing mattered more than honoring a man who lost his life earlier in the week when hauling the DGR #17 to Phoenix for the General Tire 150 at Phoenix Raceway.

That man, Steven Stotts, was honored with a victory!

"This is just for Steven. I feel like he looked over me today," said Gray.

“It felt like they didn’t want me to win tonight,” addedGray. “All those guys are really tough to beat. We just had a really good race car tonight.”

General Tire 150 Results:

  1.    Taylor Gray

  2.    Daniel Dye

  3.    Sammy Smith

  4.    Rajah Caruth

  5.    Jake Drew

  6.    Jesse Love

  7.    Nick Sanchez

  8.    Josh Berry

  9.    Derek Kraus

  10.    Connor Mosack

  11.    Cole Moore

  12.    Todd Souza

  13.    Joey Iest

  14.    Austin Herzog

  15.    Toni Breidinger

  16.    Tanner Reif

  17.    Paul Pedroncelli, Jr.

  18.    Takuma Koga

  19.    Tim Spurgeon

  20.    Parker Chase

  21.    Alex Clubb

  22.    Ryan Roulette

  23.    Bridget Burgess

  24.    D.L. Wilson

  25.    Sebastian Arias

  26.    Bobby Hillis, Jr.

  27.    Christian Rose

  28.    Bryce Haugeberg

  29.    Zachary Tinkle

  30.    Amber Balcaen

  31.    Chris Lowden

  32.    Kyle Keller

  33.    Tim Monroe

  34.    Brad Smith

  35.    Andrew Tuttle

  36.    Greg Van Alst

  37.    Brian Kaltreider

  38.    Paul Pedroncelli

  39.    Eric Rhead

See the full recap by Adam Fenwick at


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