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Valtteri Bottas Victorious At Turkish Grand Prix As Verstappen Regains Points Lead Over Hamilton

It was a fascinating while at times confusing race as teams struggled to figure out the conditions and waited before eventually pitting, if they pitted at all. In the end it was a great for Valtteri Bottas as he took another win before leaving Mercedes. It was also great for Red Bull as Max Verstappen took second and the title lead whilst Sergio Perez completed the podium.

"It's been a while but it feels good," Bottas said after securing his first his first checkered flag of the season. "From my side, one of the best races I've had, everything was under control. Everything went smooth for once for me."

Final Results:

  1. V. Bottas

  2. M. Verstappen

  3. S. Pérez

  4. C. Leclerc

  5. L. Hamilton

  6. P. Gasly

  7. L. Norris

  8. C. Sainz Jr.

  9. L. Stroll

  10. E. Ocon

  11. A. Giovinazzi

  12. K. Räikkönen

  13. D. Ricciardo

  14. Y. Tsunoda

  15. G. Russell

  16. F. Alonso

  17. N. Latifi

  18. S. Vettel

  19. M. Schumacher

  20. N. Mazepin

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