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Michael Waltrip Brewing Releases "Talladega Light" Lager

BRISTOL, Va. - Michael Waltrip Brewing (MWB) announced today the release of its newest beer, Talladega Light Lager.

The beer is an approachable, easy to drink light beer that was the vision of brewery co-founder and two-time Daytona 500 champion, Michael Waltrip.

“Whether it’s at the race track, golf course, or really anywhere people are having fun, this is the beer for them,” Michael Waltrip said. “I have such great memories of Talladega and obviously our brand is a reflection of my love of racing and those great communities that host racing across this country. This beer is about having fun and I’m excited to share it.”

Talladega Light, an American lager is being produced under the supervision of Brewmaster, Levi Duncan of beverage platform Bevana Partners, who’s been a featured judge of the world’s top beer competitions for more than 10 years.

“Talladega Light was a fun project to design a recipe around. I have been waiting for years to have the opportunity to take on the Light Lager style at scale,” said Levi Duncan. “Being able to bring Michael’s vision to life and taking it to market has been an awesome experience.”

Talladega Light lager joins Bristol Sunshine Tangerine Ale in the line up of beers in the Michael Waltrip Brewing Company portfolio. The brewery’s beers are distributed in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, as well as online through the Bevana Partners online store.

About Michael Waltrip Brewing Company

Michael Waltrip Brewing Company, was founded in 2020, as a premium beer company that celebrates creating memories with family and friends in the fun-loving style of its founder, iconic motor sports champion Michael Waltrip. Since its inception, the Company has grown into a multi-faceted lifestyle brand with operations in beer, hospitality, live entertainment, and licensed products.

The Michael Waltrip Brewing Co. line up of beers, now distributed in 8 states, include the most popular Bristol Sunshine Tangerine Ale and the new Talladega Light lager.

The Company operates its signature brewery and taproom in historic downtown Bristol, VA, and recently announced a partnership to expand the Michael Waltrip Taproom concept to 100 locations with the first store opening in Concord NC in 2023.

For more information, visit or follow on Facebook @MWBCo and Instagram and Twitter via @WaltripBrewing.

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